Conny Payne - former bassplayer of Swedish hardrock bands Madison and Alien. Madison started in 1983 and released their first album in -84, "Diamond Mistress" . Their second album "Best in Show" was released in -86 and was followed by a tour in Japan in -87. A four-track album "The Tale" was released at the time for the tour exclusively for the Japanese market. The third album was never finnished, only a single was released in -88 "Northern Lights". 1989 Conny left the band for other projects.

In 1990 he joined Swedish AOR group Alien. In the next five years they recorded three albums; "Alien", "Tony Borg" (instrumental solo album) and "Crash". A two-CD compilation was also released after the band had split up, called "Best and Rare" containing tracks from three Alien albums plus rare demos and single b-tracks. Conny has also played with other various artists, both in studio and on tour. Worth mention is old "glamrock hero" John Rossal from the legendary Glitter Band (UK) whom Conny played with for several tours over europe.

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