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11th August 2011
Much has happened the last years. I have released two albums,
2010-09-17 - MindSplit - Charmed Human Art Of Significance,
2010-10-06 - SUBWAY - Lola's Themes.

MindSplit has also done one song dedicated to the victims of the Tsunami and Earthquake that struck Japan in March 2011. This song is released on a compilation album by the label Lion Music. Check it out here!

MindSplit has also released three videos.
NMe Myself & I (CHAOS)
Battle Of The Mind (CHAOS)
Guardian Angel (Embrace the Sun)

Here's some videos of me playing some parts from my own songs and SUBWAY Solos:
SUBWAY - Metalapolis (solo)
SUBWAY - Lola's Theme
SUBWAY - Don't Cry
Mathias Holm - A Past Reflection
Mathias Holm - Dream Catch
Mathias Holm - Green Water

And I have also arranged and recorded guitars on a song by Quicksilver Night. It's an instrumental song.

If you are interested of having me playing guitar on your song/songs. Don't hesitate to contact me!

Take care,

Mathias Holm

18th February 2009
On the 10th February Shredguy Records released the album "Shredding Across The World - Volume Two". I was asked to be featured with one song and of course I said yes. The CD contains 15 songs with different songwriters/guitarists. Check it out here. Visit Shredguy Records page on Myspace here -

The first album Shredding Across The World - Volume One was a top seller on the site

22nd October 2008
For the first time I've now recorded my first demo video. On the video I play two parts of the song Green Water which is a song that will appear on my next album. I hope you will enjoy it!

If you want to hear the full song then go to my myspace profile. It's fully uploaded there. There are also a few more songs which will appear on my next album.

I have also uploaded another video when I play a solo on a song with Francis Soto Band. The title is "Lolas Theme".

Listen to the whole song on Francis Soto Bands profile

10th October 2008
I been quite busy lately, recording 11 songs for Francis Soto Band so far. I have also completed the recordings for four songs for my own solo project. We have also been working hard for the first release of an album with MindSplit (tomorrow we will record some keyboards). Check my myspace profile to hear the latest songs I've done for the next album. Also check Francis Soto Bands profile on myspace to check some songs. And MindSplits myspace profile for some new songs.

And the 8th October I was featured in two TV programs.

Here's the bloggings which I did on my myspace profile:

The first program I was featured in:

Here's one link to a program they did about me on the Swedish television. The part with me starts at about 10 minutes 12 seconds in the movie.

Watch the program here.

Thanks for watching though you might not will understand what I say ;)
The second:

As I told you before Conny Payne and I was featured in another show today which is called "Eftersnack" Aftertalk (translated as one word). In this show Conny Payne and I play two short songs. One which is about 45 seconds, Hårgalåten, a traditional song from Sweden and my district. We did it a little different though... And we also played about 3 minutes of my song Green Water.

The first song is just after the first notice of the program and then they interviewed me later in the show and at the end we played Green Water. They also showed some old stuff from my first release "Pictures of a dream". I got long hair......... much hair hahaha Looked like an poodle ;)

See the show here.

Thanks again for watching! Learn Swedish then you will understand what we say ;)

30th May 2008
I have just finished the recordings on a new song for Francis Soto Band. The title of the song is Control & Power. It's a pretty heavy song with strong melodies and heavy riffs.

You'll find the song on Francis Soto Bands profile:

Thank you for your interest and may the force be with you!

10th April 2008
For about two weeks ago I joined the band Francis Soto Band. Francis contacted me and asked if I was interested of arrange and record guitars on two songs, "Dedicated" and "Lifetime". I was happy that he asked and I thought it should be fun to give it a try because Francis is a great singer and they had great song idéas. When Francis heard my work on the songs he asked me to be the guitarist of the band and here we are, thanks Francis! I have arranged & recorded another song since then, that songs title is "Wasting my time". Please visit Francis Soto Bands profile and listen to his songs.  

5th Mars 2008
Dear friends, "reborn Identity" is a new song that I've added today to my musicplayer on The song was born for about ten years ago but it has been reconstructed into a reborn Identity. I think you may hear some of my influences in it and I also hope that you will like and enjoy it as much as I have through the progress working with it. The song will be on my next album with the difference that there will be real drums recorded to it which I hope and think will make it even better.

I play all the guitars and basses on the song and I have also done the keyboard arrangement and the choirs are also my own throat....ahhh! So it's a song by me with me...

Thank you for the support! /Mathias

Best regards and let us reborn into a new identity for about seven minutes!

15th December 2007
För dig som bor i Hudiksvall finns OSV Project - Mission One att inhandla på Bergströms Musik för 100 kr. För dig som inte bor i Hudiksvall, skicka ett mail till mig så får vi se om det lönar sig att beställa den av mig eller från  

7th December 2007
Order the OSV Project - Mission One album from CD Baby. Order your copy NOW!!!

4th December 2007
Release of the OSV Projects first album!
As I told you earlier I have recorded songs with a project called OSV Project. Now it's time for the release and I'm very proud to present this progressive bands first release, Mission One - Featuring me and Paco Hernandez. In the near future you will be able to order this album from dealers as Guitar Nine. I will be back with new information when I know where you can order it.

- More info about the album here.

- OSV Project on MySpace

New demo uploaded on MySpace.
I have uploaded a new song called "In tears" on my profile on MySpace. There is also a song which I uploaded for about two months ago called "Rain ". Feel free to drop a comment about the songs!
- Listen to the songs here.

th April 2007
I have uploaded a song on my profile on Myspace which Jon Skäre has written, the song is called "Inferno". I play all the guitars on it and Jon Skäre play everything else. He's a virtuoso on the drums and he is also a great song writer in my opinion. He got some weird ideas and I like it!

Thanks Jon for letting me play on it! It had some great hours in my studio when I was recording it!

The song sounds like a horror theme. The song maybe demands a few listening s before you like it because it's so freaky :) Hey! Check it out NOW!!!!

7th Mars 2007
I have now recorded seven songs with the OSV Project. The latest song is called "His Majesty" and you can listen to it now on OSV Projects profile. Check it out!

8th Januari 2007
Yesterday I finished the fifth song with OSV Project. The project has also got a new name, OSV Project Featuring Mathias Holm. The fifth song is called Distant Memory and I think this song reflects my big influence of Vinnie Moore a lot. Check the new song here:
OSV Project Featuring Mathias Holm

15th November 2006
About a month ago Steve "Woody" Woodman asked me if I was interested in laying guitars on a song written by a band/project called OSV (Oppert Sexton Vaughn). I thought it would be fun to try so I said yes. Now a month later I have recorded two songs , "The Templars" and "Freedom" and both of them is uploaded on of the  OSV's profile on Myspace called Neon Knight. Check it out here! I'm currently working on "Track 3" and there will be totally 8 songs on the album.

10th October 2006
I have posted a demo of a song on Myspace
The song is a soft one and is called "Emotions Of Nature",
please check it out!

28th September 2006
I have posted a demo of a song on Myspace
The song is called "A Past Reflection",
be sure to check it out!

1 4th Jun e 2006
My son Johan, Jonatan, Ozzy was born! I'm so happy!

8th Ma y 2006
I have uploaded four mp3songs from "Pictures Of A Dream" for you to listen to on the albuminfopage. 

18th April 2006
Sorry for my inactivity...Check out my new project:

Since the last news post I have been a lucky father to another girl called Josefin. Josefin was born
2002-07-18. And guess what! We will be lucky parents to another baby in June... Isn't that cool aight?!?!

23rd February 2000

I don't know where to start... In 8th April in the year of 1999 my daughter Jennifer Elisabet Holm was born. After Jennifer was born I haven't done much to my new record.. You can call it a pause.. But we will be starting to record it now.

4th January 1999
Happy New Year! I hope you'll all have a great year.
We have begun to record bass and guitars on the new album (no name yet...).

29th September 1998
We have now recorded the drums for the new album. And I must say that Jon Skäre really gave me a kick with his incredible virtuosity on the drums.

29th September 1998
- Pictures Of A Dream - is pick of the month on the Atomic Chaser's musicpage, read the great review on:
Atomic Chaser

3rd September 1998
On the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of September we will be in the Wavestation studio to record the drums for the new album. Be sure to check out my new musicians!

23rd June 1998
I'm very happy to present my new musician, Jon Skäre - Drums. Don't forget Conny Payne - Bass.

5th April 1998
We have begun the demo-recording.

25th Mars 1998
Now you can get the latest news about my new album by e-mail, please use the form on this page or send an e-mail to me

12th February 1998
Check out the new Conny Payne site.

22nd January 1998
You can download samples from each song on the "Pictures of a dream" album.

19th January 1998
I'm currently writing some new material for the next album which I hope will be released this summer. I'm working with Conny Payne on bass, (former bassplayer of "Madison" and "Alien"). The most of the material is instrumental and on this album I'm going to include a couple of songs with vocals, though I haven't decided who will be the vocalist. We are in the middle of the pre-production and later I will pick the musicians I need for the recording of the album. Cause this time I wanna use live musicians through the whole album.

I will update this page frequently. Add a bookmark to be sure to get back to this page again.

Best regards,

Mathias Holm